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Seismologist at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Read more about my research here.
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2019, March 17

New SEA-SEIS videos released.
SEA-SEIS drawing and rap competition for primary and secondary schools. Congratulations to all participants!

On board of the Celtic Explorer during the 2018 Sea-Seis Expedition.
Irish Geological Research Meeting
IGRM 2019

2019, March 1-3

I will be giving a talk with the title "Surface-wave tomography of Ireland and surroundings." We will show two new videos about the SEA-SEIS expedition and the SEA-SEIS drawing and rap competitions!

SEA-SEIS Expedition
North Atlantic Ocean Exploration

2018, September

We are going to sail the North Atlantic Ocean for 21 days, on board of the Celtic Explorer.

Mission is to deploy 18 Ocean Bottom Seismometers! Check the video out, and give us feedback!


EGU 2019 April 7-12, Vienna

Conference Poster
Surface-Wave Tomography of Ireland and Surroundings.

Raffaele Bonadio et al.

Conference Poster. The abstract here!
National-scale engagement of school students using an active research project: the SEA-SEIS North Atlantic Expedition’s outreach programme

Sergei Lebedev et al.

Conference Poster
Imaging the North Atlantic: deployment of the ocean-bottom seismometers of the SEA-SEIS project and quality control of global and regional network data

Janneke de Laat et al.

IGRM 2019 March 1-3, Dublin

Oral Presentation
Surface-Wave Tomography of Ireland and Surroundings

Raffaele Bonadio et al.

2018 - Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems

Research Article
Hot Upper Mantle Beneath the Tristan da Cunha Hotspot From Probabilistic Rayleigh‐Wave Inversion and Petrological Modeling

Raffaele Bonadio, Wolfram H. Geissler, Sergei Lebedev, Javier Fullea, Matteo Ravenna, Nicolas L. Celli, Wilfried Jokat, Marion Jegen, Christoph Sens‐Schönfelder, Kiyoshi Baba.


work in progress





The Sea-Seis Team at work in the library at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

(From left) Clara, Raffaele, Laura, Bruna, Sergei, Janneke.